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Whai is SEO?

SEO is the new business promotion tool. Designing websites for your business is the first step but it is the not the last. SEO is for the targeted audience. If someone searching about your business / service in the internet, he/she will use the search engines like Google, yahoo, bing, ask etc. For these search engines listing, we have to do the search engine optimization. It is necessary for every business / service to come forward in the high competition. Just imagine, you are the manufacturer of some product, someone search for your product in the web, but he can’t get you because of your website won’t be optimized for that particular keyword or phrase.

Why SEO?

  • To increase your website rankings.
  • To increase your websites visitors.
  • To reach more potential customers.
  • To reach page one of Google.
  • To produce results.

Importance of SEO:

The better you know your enemy and yourself, the better you stand the chance to win the battle. In search engine optimization competitor analysis is very important. The search engine uses the long, complicated, secret set of formulas to figure out where sites should rank.

What are the points to be considered For SEO:

  1. Keywords
  2. Competitors
  3. Visitors
  4. Back link building

SEO Web Design:

The layout design of a website is very important in SEO. So we are doing web designing and website redesigning for SEO. While designing a website we are considering all the factors like

  1. Site heat map area
  2. Above the fold area
  3. Site loading time
  4. Attracting visitors – it can be done in several ways like offers , etc.

After optimizing what we have to do:
SEO optimization is not a simple or short time process. It’s a continuous process. We should monitor the search engines as well as for the competitors regularly. And another point is link building. It is important for keep our position in the search engine listing. It can be achieved by regular off page optimization. We have to concerntrate in both on page and off page optimization.

On page optimization:

We are providing unlimited on page optimization for all customers.

  1. Keyword selection
  2. Best keyword suggestions
  3. Meta tag optimization
  4. Heading optimization
  5. Content optimization
  6. Image optimization

And so on.

Off  page optimization:

    • Link building
    • Increasing link popularity




affordable seo service | seo freelance Chennai | website seo Chennai |website seo company in Chennai |seo web design |best seo services